How Are Our Mexican Falsa Blankets Made:

The El Rancho Supply Process:

Our blanket design and manufacturing process is a huge collaborative effort with our fantastic team of weavers. We'll be traveling back to Mexico in a few months to show the behind the scenes process of how our blankets are woven and the incredible craftsmanship and talent of the local people. For now though I wanted to talk about how our blankets are designed and produced to give you a better understanding of how we produce each handwoven Mexican blanket also known as a "Sarape, "Falsa," or depending on the design a "Saltillo blanket." 

Handwoven Mexican Falsa Blanket


Step one: Design

We sit down and hand sketch designs we might like to get a rough idea of the shapes and flow we want. Once we're satisfied on shapes and layout we'll start by testing different colors and how they work into each pattern. Sometimes a color we want just isn't available since the fabrics are made with recycled materials. It's a collaborative process with our weavers. 

Step Two: Sample Weave

The most exciting part. Our head weaver will weave a sample blanket for us to see how we like it in person. He sends us a photo of the finished product and if that gets approved he'll mail us the sample so we can see it with our own eyes and make sure the pattern and colors are exactly what we wanted. 

Step Three: Production

Once we're satisfied with the sample blanket. Our weavers get to work crafting our order. From the start of the production of the order to finish usually takes about a month or so. Each blanket can take up to a day to make by hand so this is a time consuming process. 

Step Four: Delivery

The final step! Once the order is completed our head weaver loads them up on a semi truck and they're shipped to our storage facility. For now we're based in Oregon but soon we hope to expand to Florida. 


A Video Of How Our Blankets Are Handwoven

January 31, 2023