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Handwoven by indigenous Mexican artisans, our blankets are dense, durable and made from recycled fabrics. The perfect handwoven throw blanket. Perfect as a yoga blanket, bedspread or cozy camp blanket.

From the people
From the people
Really dense weave and a beautiful design!
— Rosaria
From the people
Love that I'm supporting indigenous artisans and families with this blanket! Hope to buy more soon.
— Jon
From the people
Beautiful blanket! Such high quality and it washed perfectly.
— Samantha
El Rancho Supply

How Our Blankets Are Made

Traditional Handweaving


We take pride in supporting fellow indigenous artisans and communities. The recycled fibers that our threads are produced from is another point of pride.

Our blankets help employ an entire community that survives off these traditional crafts carrying onward. With your support not only will we help these communities and families thrive but you're also supporting immigrant workers as 10% of each of our blankets goes to support immigrant community causes.


How Are The Weavers Paid?

This is really important to us. We pay the weavers per blanket and adjust cost accordingly. We think their craftsmanship deserves to be rewarded and hopefully the next generation will see the value in carrying on the tradition.

Why Handwoven?

We've always loved the weaving tradition of Mexico and wanted to combine our love of the falsa blanket with supporting indigenous artisans.

Do you have new designs coming?

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