Cheap vs Handwoven Mexican Blankets

"Why are your handwoven Mexican blankets so much more expensive than Amazon?"

We get that question quite a lot and totally understand why people would ask. So I wanted to take a few minutes to discuss the differences between our blankets and the cheap ones you can find at Walmart or on Amazon. 

Cheap Amazon Blankets: They're all machine made. Essentially machines crank these out by the thousands and they're sold in bulk from China for next to nothing to big retailers here in the states. They're much thinner than our blankets and feel quite cheap side by side. I see a lot of retailers selling them as "handmade" for $25-$35 or even less. Trust me, if you see a "handmade" blanket selling that cheap it is in no way handwoven. Don't get me wrong, I still love the cheap ones and use them as car seats but the quality difference vast. 

Our handwoven blankets: Each blanket is woven by our team of weavers outside of Puebla. Some designs take up to an entire day to weave depending on the difficulty. The difference in quality is immense. Each of our handwoven blankets are dense, heavy and once you feel them in your hand compared to a machine made blanket you instantly understand the superior quality of handwoven. Not to mention we think it's really important to keep the indigenous tradition of weaving alive and supporting our partner weavers. Mass produced items hurt indigenous artisans all over the world. As a native Mixtec myself this is incredibly important to me to help keep the traditions alive as well as bring my customers incredibly well made, beautiful and traditional handwoven sarape, cobijas, Mexican blankets...whichever name you prefer. 

Definitely reach out if you have any questions!

Cheap vs Expensive Mexican Blankets
February 08, 2023