When I was young my mother moved us from the mountains of Oaxaca to a little oceanside farm town called San Quintin in Baja California to find work in the fields picking fruits and vegetables.

She was a single mother and did her best to provide for us. We didn't have electricity or any of the modern amenities growing up. It was a hard life but a good one. She always made sure we had what we needed. 

She now lives with my sister and still works in the fields. It's the only work she's ever done and it's really hard on a person her age. The days are extremely long and often include being away from family for months on the road picking whatever seasonal crop is ripe at the moment. 

I wanted to start this business so I can retire my my mother from the fields and provide her with a home and income so she doesn't have to work long days outside anymore. So with your help we'll grow this little business and be able to provide for my mother and hopefully many more like her as we grow. 

So in short, that's why we wanted to start this business selling high quality, handwoven Mexican blankets. Part tradition, part family. 

February 13, 2023