We just returned from a month abroad in Oaxaca. Sean and I wanted to visit my family as well as the home I was born in which I hadn't been back to in 20 years. 

I'm native Mixteco. We're an indigenous people native to Oaxaca and Guerrero. Many of my people still live a very simple life and some don't speak any other language than their native Mixteco. While visiting my father we decided to drive up the mountains to my birth town and see my family who I hadn't seen in years.  

It was a beautiful reunion and I was excited to see my the house I was born in. It's just a simple cabin and is starting to fall apart but it's still there on the hillside. We had a great day hiking around with my cousins and aunts/uncles in the mountains. I hope you guys enjoy the photos and the little insight into where I was born. 

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December 27, 2023