At El Rancho Supply we pride ourselves not only one high end handwoven blankets but we realize not everyone wants to take their handwoven El Rancho Blanket into the yoga studio and get them sweaty/dirty. So we have added two falsas(machine made) blankets so you don't have to worry about getting your handwoven blanket dirty every time you're getting your flex on in the yoga studio. We wanted these falsa to be affordable so you don't have to think twice about throwing them on the ground at your gym or local yoga studio. 

With that said, any of our handwoven blankets make fantastic yoga blanket and are meant to be used/washed. So don't feel shy using them! We just wanted to offer an additional option. We plan on having more colorways coming in the near future. 

You can check out our falsas below or click these links 

Tan and white Yoga Blanket

Red white and blue Yoga Blanket

June 12, 2023